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"Our modern society often overlooks nature's beauty and the value of handcrafted items. Our vision is to create innovative needlework designs that support family cottage collectives worldwide with a sustainable future."

Natalie Walker

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By combining and leveraging traditional needlework techniques with modern elements, and timeless color combinations,  Walker Sinclair Visuals Monumental body of work encompasses the essence of collective memories, invoking cultural, economic, and philosophical allusions.  The Creative Director Natalie Walker strives to achieve design continuity from concept through production. Walker Sinclair Visuals oeuvre incorporates hand embroideries, lace, macrame, beading, and an array of works on paper, such as drawings and watercolor. Notably, the physical elements of their practice range from metal to leather, glass to textiles, and vintage to computer techniques.


Walker Sinclair Visuals boundless trove of embroidery and textile manipulations is only surpassed by the breadth and imagination of their clientele that appreciates their works.  We have a track record of  creating timeless, modern needlework designs for luxury suit manufacturers, such as Kasper for ASL, Nolan Miller, and Albert Nipon to developing a Embroidery Design business with a Design development studio in China and working with the "who's of fashion," inclusive of Vera Wang, Tory Burch and Oscar De La Renta.  Their Founder Natalie  Walker prides herself as a accomplished embroidery expert who along with her team of talented artisans shaped a culture, of handcrafted success at Walker Sinclair Visuals.  Currently Natalie is collaborating with Walker Sinclair Visuals on a Patreon channel called "Coffee and Embroidery with Natalie” and a lifestyle accessories brand   called “Wasivi."

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